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Mount Bromo Map Location

Mount Bromo Map Location. The most favorite holiday destination in East Java is Mount Bromo, located not far from the cities of Malang and Surabaya. It only takes 2-3 hours to reach the location of Mount Bromo. The route is very easy because it can be passed from 4 entrances, namely Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Lumajang. You can use a guide from google map to Mount Bromo.

Mount Bromo Map

The beauty of the mountain panorama with clean and cool air never makes tourists bored. Various spots on Mount Bromo can always amaze the visitors there, especially the view of the sunrise which is the leading icon of Mount Bromo tourism.

Mount Bromo Map Location

For a vacation to Mount Bromo, there are 4 travel routes that tourists can choose from who want to go there. The first route that can be chosen is through the village of Tumpang (the entrance to the Coban Trisula) which is a favorite choice for tourists who go on tours to Mount Bromo from Malang. (This route is in the direction of Ranu Kumbolo, Mount Semeru). The Tumpang route has quite heavy road access because it goes through the forest and the road is quite steep and steep, so visitors are not advised to use ordinary vehicles via the Tumpang Route unless using a Bromo Jeep tour rental service.
The second route that is widely used is through the entrance gates of Probolinggo (Cemara Lawang village) and Pasuruan (Wonokitri village).

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How to Get Here

For first-time visitors to Bromo, it is recommended to bring friends who are familiar with the routes and paths to Bromo. If you don’t have experience driving to Bromo, tourists can use the services of Bromo tour package provided by

There are many choices of tour packages to explore the tourist attraction of Mount Bromo. The most recommended is the Mount Bromo tour 2 days 1 night because you can feel the night at a hotel near Bromo. You can enjoy the natural beauty of Mount Bromo without worrying about the route taken, because our team has experience in bringing customers to Mount Bromo comfortably and safely. However, tourists who go with their own vehicle can use a map guide to the location of Mount Bromo, although sometimes the route that is passed is not fully passable by private vehicles.

Guide to using the Map to Mount Bromo

Find out the location / city closest to Mount Bromo after that with a google map guide you can find the closest and fastest route from your location.

Mount Bromo has 4 entrances that can be passed. If you have found which route to choose, then don’t forget to book Mount Bromo entrance ticket online first because this is important and mandatory for all visitors.

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So, when are you going to Bromo? Invite your friends and family who want to experience the beauty of Mount Bromo, East Java.