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Temperature and Weather at Mount Bromo

Temperature and Weather at Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is known for the charm of the beauty of the sunrise which is one of the favorite tourist attractions in East Java. Although Mount Bromo has cold air temperatures and even in certain seasons the temperature in the Mount Bromo area can reach 0 degrees Celsius, it is never deserted from tourist visits from various countries in the world.

Temperature and Weather at Mount Bromo

In these weather conditions, many tourists experience chapped lips and a sea of ​​sand covered with soft ice grains covering every surface . For that, before going to Mount Bromo, first know the weather at Mount Bromo and what the current temperature forecast is.

Temperature and Weather at Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is an active volcano tourist destination that is easily accessible and friendly for children and parents so that this place can be used as a holiday event with family.

Although the path to Mount Bromo is quite easy, there are challenges, namely the temperature and weather at Mount Bromo which is famous for being very cold during the dry season. If you are not used to weather conditions like this then you need to be prepared.

Temperature in the Dry Season at Mount Bromo

In the dry season, in the Mount Bromo area the average temperature ranges from 10 to 12 degrees Celsius during the day. While at night at the peak of Bromo the temperature ranges from 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. However, at the height of the dry season, the temperature at night can be very low, reaching 0 degrees Celsius. This kind of weather usually occurs from July to August. This is the best time for Mount Bromo Milky Way and sunrise tour because the scenery you get is guaranteed to be perfect.

Temperature in the rainy season at Mount Bromo

In the rainy season, the temperature at Mount Bromo is relatively warm around 15-20 degrees Celsius during the day. While at night the air temperature reaches the range of 10-15 degrees Celsius. Although it is quite cold, the weather conditions in this period are not as cold as during the dry season. You can overcome this by preparing a jacket and gloves. The rainy season usually occurs between October and March. But sometimes the weather often changes suddenly so you need to prepare when going on a tour to Mount Bromo.

Preparations needed when going to Mount Bromo

As discussed above, the temperature at Mount Bromo is relatively cold and can even reach below 10 degrees Celsius. Condos like this really need preparation so that your tour goes smoothly and nothing happens that hinders your vacation on Mount Bromo. Here are some recommendations for what needs to be prepared before the trip to Mount Bromo.

Thick Jackets and Clothes

Jackets or warm clothes are the main needs as body protection from cold weather. By wearing a thick jacket that protects the body, the body feels warmer and avoids the danger of hypothermia.

Scarf, Headgear and Gloves

In addition to the body, there are other body parts that need to be protected from the cold air continuously, namely the neck, head, and palms. Scarves, headgear, and gloves are additional equipment to keep your body warm.


Mount Bromo is indeed different from other volcanoes in East Java such as Ijen Crater and Mount Semeru which have to climb for hours to days to reach the peak. Although there is not much climbing, to be able to enjoy the beauty of Bromo, visitors must still use shoes as protective footwear. Shoes are important to protect you from cold and possible injury from slipping due to slippery roads in the bromo area full of sand.


The area of ​​Mount Bromo is almost entirely sandy. Mask is one of the equipment that must be used to protect the nose and mouth from dust exposure, the mask also has a function as a face warmer.

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