How To Go To Bromo From Surabaya – Yogyakarta – Bali

Best location to see the sunrise in Indonesia one of them is at Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is an international tourist location because it proved the many visitors from abroad when the holiday season.

For foreign tourists not an easy thing to get to the location of Mount Bromo. Many foreign tourists who vacation in Indonesia is visiting Yogyakarta – Bromo – Ijen – Bali. But on this occasion I will discuss how to get to the location of Mount Bromo with ease.

How To Go To Bromo From Surabaya - Yogyakarta - Bali (Bromo Travel Guide)

How To Go To Bromo From Surabaya – Yogyakarta – Bali

If you’ve been in Indonesia (Yogyakarta or Surabaya or Bali) then towards Mount Bromo is as follows:

1. Tour to Bromo From Yogyakarta (Public Transport)
Towards Mount Bromo from Yogyakarta, the fastest is by plane from the airport of Yogyakarta towards the airport Surabaya (juanda) or Malang airport (Abd ramhan soleh) then upon arrival at theSurabaya (juanda) or Malang airport (Abd rahman soleh) directly up to the mountain bromo. By taxi or rent a car from Surabaya airport or malang airport to bromo about 3 hours drive ,

But if you prefer choose a landline could be straight from Yogya to Mount Bromo through a travel agent Jogja to Bromo (sharing tour). Drive from Yogyakarta to Probolinggo about 11 hours and continued on toward Mount Bromo from Probolinggo about 1-2 hours.

Or if you are heading Surabaya from Yogyakarta by train then you can stop at the station pasar turi or Gubeng Surabaya after that look for a vehicle to bromo.

2. Tour To Bromo From Surabaya

To bromo from surabaya is easiest and fastest .If you are at the station / airport / hotel in Surabaya just need to find the rent a car to the bromo. (Only private transport due to the join transport is not available)

3. Bali to Bromo By Plane

If you are from bali just aiming towards Mount Bromo, the best advice is get on a plane headed Surabaya or Malang and follow the previous instructions above toward probolinggo then to mount bromo.

The Guide to the Mount Bromo From Yogya – Surabaya – Bali