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Best Time to Visit Mount Bromo

Best Time to Visit Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is one of the natural attractions in the form of an active volcano that is well known throughout Indonesia and abroad. Many tourists make Bromo their main destination when they come to East Java.

Best Time to Visit Mount Bromo

However, to visit Bromo, there are important things to know besides how to register / book Bromo entrance ticket and also when is the best time to visit mount Bromo because this destination is mountainous, so the weather is the main thing to consider.

Best Time to Visit Bromo

Vacations to natural tourist attractions in the form of active mountains do not necessarily come like other tourist attractions that can be at any time. There are several things you should know such as a good month to visit and when is the best time to go to Bromo.

Mount Bromo tourism is a national mainstay tourist destination with an international standard. If in the near future you already have plans to visit this place, you should find out information about the weather in Bromo this month and when is a good time to visit so you can enjoy the best view, namely the beauty of the Bromo sunrise. That way your vacation will remain comfortable and have a pleasant experience.

To Bromo in the Dry Rainy Season

You need to know that there are 2 seasons in Indonesia, namely the rainy season (October – March) and the dry season (June – September). Almost everyone suggests coming to Bromo during the dry season, but during the rainy season it’s also not too bad to visit Mount Bromo.

If you come at the beginning of the year between January and March, it is still in the rainy season. In these months the sunrise can rarely be seen because it is cloudy, but the view on the savanna and Teletubbies hill is very good because the plants are growing again and even flowering. Another advantage is that you are not difficult to find hotel accommodations and jeep rentals that will take you to explore the Mount Bromo area.

To Bromo in the Dry Season

In the dry season from May to September is the right time and month to go to Mount Bromo for foreign tourists because they only want to see the sunrise and Bromo crater as their main destination and are less interested in the beauty of the savanna meadows and the teletubbies hills.

The peak of the dry season and the best view of the sun is in July and August, you have to prepare accommodation reservations in advance because at this time you will be competing with many tourists who both visit there.

In the dry season, July and August are the best times, you can see the perfect sunrise and sunset charm even though it is more dusty there. Don’t forget to bring equipment to wear such as jackets, shoes, gloves and masks because the weather in this month is the coldest compared to other months.

If you really want to see how beautiful the sunrise at Bromo is, you have to wake up early and get ready and start leaving at 2-3 am to anticipate if the trip is a bit jammed because of the many visitors.


Coming to visit Bromo during the rainy season or dry season has advantages and disadvantages. If you really want to go to Bromo with perfect results, you should prepare well in advance.

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