Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour. Mount Bromo is very familiar to tourists, especially those who like nature and climbing. As with other mountains in Indonesia, Mount Bromo also has an amazing beauty.

Even Mount Bromo has become an icon of tourism in East Java. Therefore for tourists who come to East Java it seems incomplete if they have not visited Mount Bromo.

Although including a volcano that is still active, in fact it does not reduce the interest of tourists to visit. Its extraordinary natural beauty and the scenery that is offered is amazing to be able to invite tourists from various countries.

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour

Bromo Mountain itself is included in the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park and is located at an altitude of 2392 meters above sea level. The weather in Bromo is very cold reaching 3 ° -20 ° Celsius. Even in the dry season, the air temperature in Bromo can reach below 0 ° C. Therefore complete protective clothing, such as warm clothes, jackets, scarves, headgear, gloves, trousers and shoes you must wear while enjoying the beauty of sunrise on Mount Bromo.

Which the favorite moment of climbers is when the sunrise in Bromo from the eastern horizon. By climbing up to its peak which is at an altitude of 2,770 meters, you can see the sunlight emerging from behind the mountain. The atmosphere was so calm when the tourists waited for the beauty of the sunrise on Mount Bromo.

Only the sound of camera shots from tourists who capture the natural scenery as an unforgettable memento. When that moment also you can see the magnificent silhouette of Mount Semeru towering up to the sky. There was smoke rising from a distance with the sunlight slowly rising.

No wonder if Mount Bromo has the nickname as sunrise mountain. In addition to sunrise views, Mount Bromo Sunset Tour is equally beautiful and worth trying.

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Bromo Sunrise Tour From Surabaya

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If you have a lot of time, you can also visit tourist attractions around Mount Bromo such as Madakaripura Waterfall, Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, Ijen Crater Blue Fire, Sukamade Turtle Beach, Malang City, Semeru Mountain etc. Below details of Itinerary :

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package Price

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package Price. Although not as large as other volcanoes, Mount Bromo stretches across the borders of 4 districts in East Java, namely Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Lumajang, and Malang. These parts are interrelated, both valleys, canyons and caldera. Mount Bromo also has a 10 km2 sea of ​​sand.

Mount Bromo also has a crater with a diameter of about 800 meters that stretches from north to south and 600 meters from west to east. As an active volcano, Mount Bromo erupted several times with the biggest eruption in 1974 and the last eruption occurred in 2011.

The sunrise above the black desert around Mt. Bromo is one of the most iconic sights in Indonesia. Leave Surabaya with a car comfortable, private jeep bromo tour.  Click Here : Mount Bromo Tour Package Price