East Java Volcano Trips : Mt.Bromo – Ijen – Semeru

East Java is an area that has a variety of tourist attractions but what is interesting is the natural panorama of active volcanoes. While the capital of East Java (Surabaya) has all the access links from between cities in Indonesia to foreign countries, including toll roads, airports, bus terminals and train stations.

East Java Trip : Mt.Bromo - Ijen - SemeruIn East Java there are two areas that are most visited by foreign tourists, including Malang and Banyuwangi. Historical tourism and the most booming volcano in this region, say Mount Bromo and Semeru, located in Malang City and Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi. Thousands of foreign tourists every month are always crowded with this mountain resort, and not a few of the tourists visiting East Java call Bromo, Ijen and Semeru beririr in Banyuwangi which is directly connected to Bali with a 24 hour nonstop ferry crossing service.

East Java Volcano Tour to Mt.Bromo – Ijen Crater – Semeru Trekking

For most visitors in East Java, the attraction of volcanic scenery is more desirable. There is no place more identical to this region than the Massif Bromo-Semeru Tengger and Ijen craters, combining the volcanic peaks, Bromo Ijen and Mount Semeru – the highest mountain in Java is a challenge. In Bromo and Semeru is the best place to welcome the morning (sunrise), in contrast to the Ijen plateau which ranks very close to sulfur crater lakes and the amazing phenomenon of blue fire, the econization of coffee plantations that are passionate, light hiking.

Trekking East Java – Mount Bromo Semeru Ijen

For those of you who are interested in just visiting one of the active volcanoes of Bromo – ijen – Semeru or the three volcanoes at once, we offer several east java volcano tour package that you can choose below :

The trip to Bromo without staying, only 1 day tour starts from Surabaya at night to Mount Bromo with a tour duration of 12 hours.

If you arrive in Surabaya early and want to stay near Bromo, the 2 hai 1 night package is the best choice besides that you can also go to other tourist attractions around Mount Bromo at the same time as Madakaripura, Rafting, etc.

The most popular package by many foreign tourists in particular, with this program you can enjoy 2 active volcanoes in East Java. Just need a light climb to get to the top of this mountain so anyone can go visit this volcano and enjoy its beauty.

Climbing package to the highest mountain on the island of Java. Many are challenged to conquer the height of Mount Semeru. All can do it and we are ready to help you.

Or if you want to Trip to East Java by visiting the above locations at the same time you can select the tour package as follows.

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