Mount Bromo Information Today (Alert Status Raised)

Status of Mount Bromo Today. Activities Mount Bromo in Probolinggo, East Java continues to increase its activity. Based on observational data and seismic data analysis, visual, and the potential danger of eruption.

Mount Bromo Alert Status Raised

The PVMBG established that the level of activity Mount Bromo raised from Level II (Alert) to Level III (SIAGA) as of Monday (9/26/2016) at 06:00 pm.

The consequences of the increase in today status alert of Mount Bromo, the communities around Mount Bromo, visitors / tourists / hikers are not allowed entering the area within a radius of 2.5 kilometers from the crater of Mount Bromo. Tourists are not allowed to visit Bromo Crater and Sea Sand Of Sands, Savana, Whispering Of Sands.

Tourist still able to enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo Sunrise. Tourists to bromo from Pasuruan can see the beauty of the sunrise Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru from Tosari (Penanjakan view point 1). From Probolinggo and view of the of Mount Bromo sunrise can be seen from Ngadasari (Mentigen Hill) or Cemara Lawang (Penanjakan View Point 2). If coming from Lumajang can be seen from Argosari B29.

With the increase in alert status is expected to not degrade tourists to visit. Bromo eruption can be utilized as a tourist attraction in itself, especially to see the beauty of the eruption of smoke coming out of the crater of Bromo. This is an opportunity allure from Mount Bromo during eruption. Do not be afraid, as long as travelers are in a safe place that is beyond a radius of 2.5 km.