Mount Ijen Blue Fire Tour 2 Days 1 Night

Ijen Crater Blue Fire Tour 2 Days 1 Night a trek to mount ijen at night to enjoy the view of the ijen blue fire tour with a duration of 2 days 1 night with departures from Surabaya, Malang, Ketapang Banyuwangi or Bali. Ijen Crater is a mountain located between Bondowoso and Banyuwangi part of the East Java province, Indonesia.

Ijen Crater Tour has an area of ​​around 365 meters with a lake surface area of ​​about 0.45 square km. Ijen Crater Lake itself has a depth of about 200 meters and has a volume reaching 36 cubic meters and has an acidity of 0.5 PH.

On the edge of the crater lake, you will find a ventilation pipe which is a source of sulfur from Mount Ijen. Liquid sulfur from the mountain is channeled from liquid sulfur in the form of a red pipe, slowly flowing from the end of the pipe and then turning yellow. Some miners break the hardened sulfur with a hammer into small pieces and cooled with water and then transported by train to be taken to the sulfur shelter post.

Each sulfur miner in the Ijen crater carries a load on their shoulders weighing between 75-90 kg, going about 300 meters to the edge of the crater, sloping the road from 45-60 degrees and then walking on foot for 3 kilometers with a reduced field to be weighed. Within a day and an average of two miners transport sulfur from the crater of Mount Ijen.

Ijen Blue Fire Tour 2 Days 1 Night

Ijen Blue Fire Package Tour

Ijen Blue Fire Tour is one Package climbing in East Java, which attracted the attention of local and foreign tourists in addition to selecting a mount bromo tour or mount semeru trekking. Climbing to Mount Ijen Midnight Tour to view blue fire begins at night from the post Paltuding with a long climb to the top of Mount Ijen 1.5 to 2 hours and as far 3 km.

The blue fire is a natural wonder that can only be seen in two places in the world including in Mount Ijen and in Iceland. This phenomenon is only seen at night. If you go to the Ijen volcano tour to watch the blue fire, you have to start climbing at midnight (1 – 2 am). After arriving at the lip of the ijen crater, you must go down into the crater to be able to witness the beauty of the blue fire ijen.

Do you recommend Mount Ijen Tour? It was an unforgettable travel experience, walking up to Mount Ijen at night, seeing blue fire, a crater lake in turquoise. You have to breathe using a gas mask because it can be very poisonous and deadly.

Itinerary Mount Ijen Crater Tour 2 Days 1 Night

Day 1: Pick Up at Surabaya or Bali – Hotel Ijen

We will pick you up in accordance with the agreement, for example from the hotel, airport, station, harbor or terminal in Surabaya / Malang / Pobolinggo / Banyuwangi Ketapang or Bali. Then proceed to the tourist area of Ijen crater. Arriving village Sempol / Blawan. Chek in lodging, or hotel nearest to Mount Ijen and free program.

Day 2: Hotel – Ijen Crater Blue Fire – Surabaya / Malang / Probolinggo / Banyuwangi Ketapang / Bali

The climb to the summit crater of Ijen to see Blue Fire started at 12 am, driving from the hotel to the post Patulding, the last post for all the tourists in the crater of Ijen start climbing. Ascent to the crater of Ijen takes about 1.5 hours walking. Arriving at the top of the mountain and then down to the lake Ijen Ijen mountain to enjoy the beautiful blue fire (blue flame) arising from the burning of sulfur. Satisfied enjoy a tour ijen blue fire back to the hotel, shower, eat breakfast and check out. Then our staff will drive back to the location accordance with the agreement. Arrived on the location of accordance with the agreement, Ijen Crater Blue Fire Package Tour finished.

Mount Ijen Crater Blue Fire Tour Price

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Facilities tour package above including :

  • Shuttle transfer In / Out
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Private Air – Conditioned Car + Fuel
  • Entrance fee
  • Guide service
  • Breakfast

Tour package above excluding :

  • All personal expenses such as room service, laundry, telex, facsimile, telephone etc.
  • Any other optional tours, which is not specified in the itinerary.
  • Gratuities and tips for local tour guide and driver.

FAQ Mount Ijen Tour

Mount Ijen Tour is a tour package program to visit the natural beauty of sulfur crater lake and the rare phenomenon of the blue flame because there are only two places in the world, one of which is Mount Ijen Banyuwangi.

How Do You Get To Mount Ijen ?

There are 2 routes to get to Mount Ijen. If you are in Bali, take the “Bali Route”, or if you are in Java, take the “Java Route”.

  1. The Bali Route through Banyuwangi
    If you are traveling from Bali, you can reach Ijen Crater through Banyuwangi, it’s closer to Ijen Crater (45 km) compared to Bondowoso (64 km).
  2.  The Java Route through Bondowoso
    In case you are already in Java the suggested route to reach the Ijen base camp would be through Bondowoso (64 km to Ijen Crater – Paltuding base camp).

You can contact us for information about mount ijen tour from banyuwangi bali or ijen crater tour from surabaya malang.

Best Time To Visit Ijen Crater ?

The Ijen National Park is open throughout the year, and the best time to visit Ijen is during the dry season in Indonesia from April to October. And Ijen is closed every Friday in the first week of every month for reasons of nature conservation.

Where To Stay For Mount Ijen ?

Good place to stay before the track to ijen at night.

  1. Grand Harvest Resort and Villas, Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen, Ketapang Indah Hotel, Ijen Resort and Villas, Mirah Hotel, Santika Hotels are some of the most popular hotels for tourists looking for lodging near Ijen Crater via Banyuwangi.
  2. Bondowoso area: Ijen View Hotel, Palem Hotel, Grand Padis Hotel are some of the most popular hotels for tourists looking for lodging near Ijen Crater via Bondowoso.
  3. The closest homestay to the Mount Ijen location: Arabica Homestay and Catimor Homestay.

Ijen Crater Is Open ?

Yes Open. Except for Friday the first week of every month.

What Is Blue Fire Ijen ?

Natural phenomena resulting from sulfur combustion gas reactions.

How High Is Mount Ijen ?

The height of Mount Ijen is 2,799 meters above sea level

How Long Does It Take To Clim Mt Ijen ?

Climbing to the top of the Ijen Crater takes about 1.5 hours

How Cold Is Ijen Crater/Ijen Crater Weather ?

The temperature at the summit of Mount Ijen is cold around 5-15 degrees Celsius at night.

Ijen What To Wear ?

Be prepared to wear trousers, socks, closed shoes, gas masks, flashlights, and a jacket or some sweaters.