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Bromo Tour From Probolinggo

Bromo Tour from Probolinggo. Mount Bromo is located in East Java, which is only 1 hour drive from the city of Probolinggo.Thus, Probolinggo is the closest city to the access route to Mount Bromo.

From Probolinggo train to go to Bromo you have to take a car to Cemara Lawang village, this village is the entrance to Bromo from Probolinggo.

Bromo Tour From Probolinggo

Activities on Mount Bromo

When going to Bromo, the activity you have to do is see the sunrise from the peak of Penanjakan or other recommended alternative view point locations in the area such as Kingkong Hill, Love Hill, Seruni and Mentigen Hill.

From several of the highest peaks around Mount Bromo, apart from enjoying views of the sunrise, you can also enjoy views of the rows of Mount Batok, Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru with a symmetrical layout.

Then the journey will continue to climb the Bromo crater starting from the Jeep parking area in the sea of ​​sand.And after leaving the crater, the tourist trip to Bromo is finished.

Some tourists still continue to other destinations such as Padang Savana, Teletubbies Hill and Whispering Sands with the additional cost of renting a jeep in Bromo.

Bromo Tour Package from Probolinggo

Bromo tour via Probolinggo entrance route are the most common for tourists because this route is the easiest and there are many accommodation options available closest to Mount Bromo.

From the city of Probolinggo, we provide 2 choices of Bromo tour packages for those of you who are interested in visiting Bromo, including the following.

Bromo sunrise tour


We will pick up participants from the city of Probolinggo at 1.30 am.Then leave for the Bromo area to move by 4wd Jeep.After changing to a 4WD Jeep, participants will be taken to the sunrise viewing point.The sun rises in Bromo at around 05.15 am.

Then, after enjoying the sunrise from the top of Mount Bromo, participants will be taken to the Bromo sea of ​​sand which is the Jeep parking area.

From the Jeep parking lot, tour participants walk to the steps of Mount Bromo for 1 km.(Another alternative is to rent a horse for around IDR 200,000-250,000 / person / horse if you don’t want to walk).

Arriving at the Bromo steps, then climb the stairs to the edge of the crater of Mount Bromo. From the edge of the Bromo crater, you can see the vast splendor of the Bromo crater and the surrounding views.

Tour Bromo stay 1 night


Day 1: Pick up participants in the city of Probolinggo and then head to accommodation near Bromo for the night.

Day 2: Early morning around 03.00 am, participants were picked up at the hotel by jeep to the sunrise viewpoint at the top of Penanjakan / King Kong Hill. After seeing the sunrise, the journey continues to the Bromo crater. When heading to the Bromo crater, you can stop by one of the Tengger Hindu temples called Pura Luhur Poten.This temple is a place used for prayers by followers of the Tengger Hindu religion and other religious ceremonies such as the Bromo kasada.

Bromo Tour Package Price from Probolinggo

ParticipantBromo Midnight Bromo 2 Day
1IDR 1.900.000Contact Us
2IDR 1.100.000 per personContact Us
3IDR 830.000 per personContact Us
4IDR 700.000 per personContact Us
5IDR 620.000 per personContact Us

Tour Include

  • Private Transport from Probolinggo to Bromo and return to Probolinggo (driver, gasoline and parking)
  • Jeep 4×4 Tour Bromo
  • Tour Guide/Driver (English speaking)
  • Bromo entrance fee for foreign tourist

Mount Bromo from Probolinggo Train

land transportation which is the fastest link to cities on the island of Java. Many tourists who go to Bromo use the train with a stop at Probolinggo station, especially foreign tourists who come from Yogyakarta.

From here you can go directly to Bromo by car with a travel time of only 1 hour’s drive. Upon arrival in the Bromo Tengger Semeru national park area, you can immediately continue exploring destinations in the Bromo area or stay overnight near Bromo first if time does not allow you to continue the Bromo Sunrise tour.

Yogyakarta to Bromo by train

From Yogyakarta to Bromo by train is the right way. You can use the train from Yogyakarta and get off at Probolinggo train station.

The following is the train schedule from Yogyakarta to Probolinggo which could be your choice.

Yogyakarta at 18.40 – Probolinggo at 01.47

This train schedule is perfect for the Bromo sunrise tour from Probolinggo without having to stay overnight.

Yogyakarta at 11.38 – Probolinggo at 18.47

This train schedule is perfect for a 2 day 1 night Bromo tour with accommodation facilities near Bromo.

That’s the travel information to Bromo that we can provide for you. If you want to join our travel agent, please contact our online service (WhatsApp +62813362764475)