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How To Go To Bromo From Surabaya – Yogyakarta – Bali

Best location to see the sunrise in Indonesia one of them is at Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is an international tourist location because it proved the many visitors from abroad when the holiday season. For foreign tourists not an easy thing to get to the location of Mount Bromo. Many foreign tourists who vacation in […]

Kasada Ceremony in Bromo

Ceremony Yadya Kasada Bromo is a day of ceremony in the form of offerings to Sang Hyang Widhi offerings. Every month Kasada 14th day in Javanese calendar held the ceremony of offerings to Sang Hyang Widhi and ancestors. Mt. Bromo has been known as one of major international tourism destinations in East Java, Indonesia. Its […]

Mount Bromo Information (Alert Status Raised)

Status of Mount Bromo (Today).Activities Mount Bromo in Probolinggo, East Java continues to increase its activity. Based on observational data and seismic data analysis, visual, and the potential danger of eruption. The PVMBG established that the level of activity Mount Bromo raised from Level II (Alert) to Level III (SIAGA) as of Monday (9/26/2016) at […]

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